The Glorious Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang

May 7th, 2013

Lijiang (丽江古城 Lìjiāng Gǔchéng) is one of the most achingly beautiful places I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. It’s Black Dragon Pool (黑龙潭 Hēilóngtán) appears on many postcard and Chinese restaurant menus as the archetypal Chinese landscape. The reflections here are sensational, it is also the perfect place for some quiet reflection (if you manage to avoid one of the myriad of Chinese tour groups).

The snowcapped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山 Yùlóngxuě Shān) overlooks the Moon-Embracing Pavilion (得月楼 Déyuè Lóu) and the center piece The Dragon God (龙神 Lóngshén) Temple.

It is located a 10 minute walk north of the town of Lijiang (the entrance to the park is very obvious) and it costs about 60 Yuan each to gain access to the scenic area.

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