The Biggest Chinese Character – Biang (Biángbiáng Noodles)

Shaanxi Biang Biang Noodle
June 28th, 2013

The Biggest Chinese Character is one half of Shaanxi provinces favourite type of noodles. Biángbiáng miàn. Not being content with being by far the biggest Chinese character, it takes 57 strokes to write, you have to write it twice to describe these noodles!

Because the Chinese character for “biáng” cannot be entered into computers, phonetic substitutes like 棒棒麵 (bàng bàng miàn) or 梆梆麵 (bāng bāng miàn) are often used instead.


Found at a cafe near the Terracotta Armies outside of Xi’an.

The biggest character in the Chinese language found in the wild. Biang! #charlieinchina by @charliesaidthat

Here are some being made on Humin Jie, Xi’an on the main thoroughfare through the Muslim Quarter.

Shaanxi Biang Biang Noodle

And in a bowl they look a little like this, they are traditionally very thick and come served with plenty of spice.

Biang Biang noodles as thick as a belt. Thanks Shanxi. 10/10 tasty, spicy, slurpy. #charlieinchina by @charliesaidthat

Here is the correct stroke order for how to write Biang.

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