Hotel charges, deposits and reservations in China

October 25th, 2012

In China you may often find yourself seemingly paying out a lot of money to stay in hotels. It’s an odd system where the deposit for the room can be more expensive than the rate you pay to stay there. Expect 100-800RMB per night as a deposit and don’t lose the deposit receipt.

In Beijing midrange hotels hover around the 400Yuan mark, whilst hostels may be a bit cheaper. If you decide to treat yourself to a more luxurious room, be ready for the 800 Yuan a night deposit.

Deposits are refunded so long as you didn’t break anything and haven’t misused the minibar. However this can take upto a week to come back into your account, so beware if travelling on a shoestring budget.

Sites such as seem like you are paying for your hotel, but in fact you are reserving the room with a guarantee you’ll show up. You pay the full balance AND deposit at the hotel, meaning you could pay over three times more than you anticipated.


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