Charlie decides to go to China

September 30th, 2012

For the past six years I have been, what can only be described as obsessed about going to China. Everything about it has excited me. The language, the food, the culture – the economy, the sights, the people… Did I mention the food?

Ever since my cousin shared a handful of philosophical nuggets from Lao Zi’s “Dao De Jing” I was captivated by a seemingly mystical culture entrenched in the realms of Tigers and Dragons – that is becoming a prevalent force in the world we live in. Something we just can’t ignore.

This passion saw me starting out trying to learn Mandarin, a massive undertaking which I am ashamed to say has fallen by the wayside whilst I have been building my business Screendrip these past 2 years.

I decided it’s time for me to disconnect from the social media and SEO world for a little while and follow one of my dreams – China.

So, I’m planning to throw myself in the deep end and go to China for about 2 months on an adventure to inspire myself.

I’ll hopefully be able to leave little tips about travelling in China and lots of photos and stories from my time exploring China.

Catch you soon.



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