Beijing Breakfast

October 20th, 2012


Whatever they say about breakfasts in China is untrue. They have some damn fine tasty street food breakfasts. It may set you back up to 5 Yuan (about 50p). But these Jian Bing Guozi are just fantastic and can be found on almost ever street corner from little red and yellow vans.


Not only are they super tasty, they are a delight to watch being made.

Essentially they are pancakes, with an egg poured onto one side, as the vendor tears the pancake slightly so the egg ends up inside the pancake.

They are then baked for around a minute under the hot plate, before adding a choice of vegetables, meat and spicy sauces.

This pair who make them are absolute legends.



  1. You appear to be tweeting pictures of your breakfast…

    • Is it better or worse than tweeting that I blogged about it.

      Yup, I blogged about my breakfast. Do I win my guru badge yet?

  2. If this continues we may never ever want you to come back… ;-)

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